WHAT IS Top Football Tipster service?

Hitting winners 67.96% of the time to ensure the betting bank is never under threat and profit is taken from the bookies pockets on a regular basis easily.
£1,402.90 Total Profit, £100.22 Avg Monthly Profit, 67.96% Win Rate.


WHO IS BEHIND Top Football Tipster service?

Andy. He is an expert football tipster who provides a range of football bets across a variety of markets on both the back and lay markets.


Will you Win Every Day?

You won’t. No tipster can guarantee a win every day. What we can accurately say is that since Top Football Tipster joined Betting Gods, they have won 67.96% of their bets



- £39 Per Month
- £399 Per Year

Top Football Tipster service REVIEW: CONCLUSION

Every tip will be sent via email, through the members area and via the free Betting Gods mobile app
Average Odds of 2.46. This is based on £10 per point stakes.
The perfect mix of value and a high win rate keep the betting bank protecting, and growing


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