What All Weather Racing Tipster Offer?

First things first, I want to take the time to look at how All Weather Racing is presented. There isn’t a lot here that could in any way shape or form be considered to be controversial.



One thing that does immediately stand out at me though is the quantity of bets that are involved. Each morning, David Allan says that he issues his selections All Weather Racing subscribers.


These are usually sent out before 10.30am with bets supposedly being unavailable the evening before due to the selection process involved. Now, Dave Fenwick will send you out a lot of tips on the days that he is betting. Most days that I have seen involve backing more than five horses and has historically been as high as eight per day. This doesn’t necessarily seem like an inherent problem for All Weather Racing, but for reasons that I will explore shortly, I feel a little like it is.


That brings me nicely into the staking plan. Now, Dave Fenwick isn’t doing anything extravagant with this. All of the bets that he advises are supposed to be to level stakes of just 1 point (with his “proofing” showing £30 per bet). All of this is fair enough, and well within what I would expect from a service like All Weather Racing.


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